Hair transplantation is a method in which the hair roots are taken from the hair bank, which is the area with higher hair density, to the bald or balding parts.

Always in the first encounters, hair is the most important part that is visible in the appearance of each person, and certainly thick and beautiful hair makes the person look younger and more attractive.

Heredity, hormones, and age all play a role in hair growth. Today, we know that some people suffer from baldness due to hormonal problems, and some people suffer from hair loss due to heredity in the family, which is a very common problem, while in some cases hormones are the cause of hair loss.

However, hair transplantation is a window to youth and to regain our beauty and treat the problem of hair loss.

In this article, you will have a general and complete view of the types of transplantation and its benefits so that if this is your concern, you can make a more decisive and correct decision.

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The first issue we need to address is the different methods and types of hair transplants:

Hair transplantation has long been a concern of many people around the world and is done in various ways, but it should be noted that the newest and best hair transplant method is the SUT method. In this method, hair transplantation is done with a fully automatic device and without any surgery, and it also has higher durability than other hair transplantation methods.

Of course, we need to know that the applicant's condition and the diagnosis of the specialist doctor determine which method of hair transplantation each person should use. Sometimes the doctor may decide to use a combination of two or more hair transplantation methods. For better confidence and consultation, you can use the free consultation with the best clinics in RTour24.

FIT Method

In this type of hair transplant, hair units are removed in groups or individually from the back of the head or the same thick part of the hair using a device called (punch) and are implanted in empty areas of the head.

This method does not require surgery and in each session, approximately 1000 to 1500 strands of hair are transferred from the back to the desired sections. One of the advantages of this method is that you will experience less pain in this type of hair transplant. Also, in this method, the scalp will not be scared.

FUT Method

In this method, a thin strip of skin tissue behind the applicant's head is turned into hair units by a specialist and then placed in the designated areas for implantation.

SUT Method:

This method is the newest and most up-to-date method of hair transplantation and many experts believe that this method is also the best method of hair transplantation.

but why?

Hair transplantation in this method is done with fully automatic devices without manual intervention.

The hair follicle is completely removed from the back of the head by an automatic punch and transferred to the desired area

The most important advantage of this method is the absence of hair follicles losses at the time of punching. It is interesting to know that this method has no recovery period and has more satisfactory results than other types of hair transplants.

PRP Method

In this method, you do hair transplants with the help of stem cells.

In this way, cells are removed from the dense parts and injected in the less dense parts. In many cases, this method is done only once and has very high durability.

But one of the most frequently asked questions is what to do before the operation:

Prior to the operation, the applicant must take a blood test which is prescribed by the clinic followed by a series of recipes and a very simple diet plan that is provided according to the doctor's discretion.

Also remember, one of the most important things to do after planting is to wash your head with a special shampoo and keep your head moist with a damp towel. Avoid doing heavy work for a week after the hair transplant.

These days, due to the high skills of Iranian surgeons and specialists and relatively low costs compared to other countries in the world, Iran has become one of the popular destinations for cosmetic surgery.

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