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Health Tourism in Iran

Iran has made measurable advancement in the flied of hospitality and medical/health tourism. Beyond statistics and global indices for increased capacity in knowledge, technology, and hospital beds per capita (that can be found on accredited references), the country has worked on different aspects of the industry. From hydrotherapy in natural springs to cosmetic surgeries and medical operations, the country has many packages to offer for international tourists. It has been long since Iran became known as the capital of rhinoplasty in the world. These days, the same can be said for hair restoration, knee replacement surgery, CABG surgery, dental and vision operations, genetics and fertilization, as well as plastic surgeries. Being the least expensive destination for tourists according to the National Geography, virtually all medical operations cost less than any other developing country with a quality that is expected in developed states. Contact Rtour24 directly or any of the clinics listed in our website with any inquiries regarding cosmetic or medical procedures to be consulted by experts absolutely free. Don’t forget to download our mobile application to browse through all offers at the touch your finger tip.


Travelers from most countries either do not require a visa or can obtain one at the point of entry to the country. For more information, please contact us or visit the Foreign Ministry of Iran's website.
RTour24 can facilitate remote translation when needed. As for transportation and other services, it will be handled either by the service provider or RTour24 depending on the situation.
Online payment is available with Paypal and major credit cards. However, since health/beauty pricing is finalized after at least one consultation session, the total amount needs to be confirmed with the clinic before you proceed to payment. This is to ensure that you would not be charged again at the clinic. In other words, the payment process initiates after both parties (client and service provider) agree on the cost of the procedure. Therefore, a receipt from the clinic and a written consent from the client is needed before the payment gets processed.
No, RTour24's mission is to link you with the best health service providers in the country and facilitate your travel plans upon booking any services.
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