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Dr. Darabian Beauty Clinic

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Dr. Mojgan Darabian Clinic is one of the best skin, hair and beauty clinics in Iran, which has well-known and knowledgeable specialists in the field of skin, hair and beauty. Also, this clinic uses the best and most advanced devices in the world. All specialized skin, hair and beauty services in this clinic are according to the standards of the Ministry of Science in Iran.
Service Description Performing all beauty services, including gel injections with the best brands of gels, as well as various skin lifts and cleansing.
Available Services
Service Name: BOTOX Injection

Botox injection for smooth and wrinkle-free skin

Service Name: Carboxy Therapy

CarboxyTherapy with carbon dioxide gas is one of the most popular skin rejuvenation methods.

Service Name: Head Mesotherapy

For many people, skin wrinkles are unpleasant. Mesotherapy can create a feeling of youth for the skin.

Service Name: Microneedling

Microneedling is one of the newest treatments used to eliminate skin lesions.

Service Name: Nose Filler

Today, having a flawless nose is considered a beauty criterion and therefore, rhinoplasty has become very popular. But one of the ways to fix nose defects is to use fillers. By injecting filler, you can correct and eliminate nose humps and unwanted curves. In this method, although the nose becomes physically bigger, but the injection of filler helps to make the nose look smaller by eliminating the defects of the nose. Enjoy a flawless and beautiful nose with Dr. Darabian Clinic without surgery or high cost.

Service Name: Fix Smile Lines

Gel injections are one of the most widely used methods to eliminate skin wrinkles, Making laugh lines disappear on the skin is one its applications. These gels are injected into the underlying layers of the skin and help you to have smooth and wrinkle-free skin.


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Today Sun, Dec 05, 2021
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Dr. Darabian Beauty Clinic
Dr. Darabian Beauty Clinic Nov 02, 2020
Dr. Darabian Beauty Clinic

جوانی و زیبایی دست ها، با تزریق چربی! تزریق چربی دست و رفع لاغری دست ها و برآمدگی رگ ها به دلیل افزایش سن، با کلینیک دکتر دارابیان.

Dr. Darabian Beauty Clinic
Dr. Darabian Beauty Clinic Nov 02, 2020
Dr. Darabian Beauty Clinic

با برجسته سازی گونه و تزریق ژل، بدون نیاز به عمل های جراحی، جوانی و زیبایی را به شما هدیه می دهیم. دکتر مژگان دارابیان، متخصص کانتورینگ صورت با تزریق ژل گونه.

Dr. Darabian Beauty Clinic
Dr. Darabian Beauty Clinic Nov 02, 2020
Dr. Darabian Beauty Clinic

لب های حجیم و برجسته، فرم دهی مناسب به لب ها و رفع عدم تقارنلب ها ، با تزریق ژل لب در کلینیک دکتر دارابیان.

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