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It is possible to do light work activities after 4 days after surgery. It is better to have 2 weeks of rest for heavy work activities.
It is possible to do light work activities after 4 days after surgery. It is better to have 2 weeks of rest for heavy work activities.
In rhinoplasty, retaining mechanisms are created to prevent the tip of the nose from sagging, for example: the use of cartilage and its graft or the use of retaining sutures, so the probability of sagging in the tip of the nose is not possible or very low. Is.
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Goharbod Clinic

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Goharbod Clinic, with over 10 years of continuous operation, is one of the most experienced and specialized skin, hair and beauty clinics in the northeast of the country. The clinic serves a large number of domestic and international clients annually by employing world-class medical staff and utilizing cutting edge technology.
Service Description Goharbod Clinic is proud to provide services to clients in the following areas: - Natural hair and eyebrow transplants - Excess hair removal with alexandrite and diode laser devices Performing various skin rejuvenation services including: - Fat Injection - Treatment of facial wrinkles with Botox - Volume increase of the cheeks and lips using gel or filler - Skin rejuvenation with fractional RF device - Freckles and tattoo removal with QSWITCH laser - Skin cleansing using a microdermabrasion device - Treatment of dark spots around the eyes using carboxytherapy - Treatment of skin scars - Mesotherapy to rejuvenate the face or to strengthen the hair - Treatment of drooping eyelids without surgery using Plexer technology - Diet therapy and acupuncture - Topical slimming with 3MAX device Consulting and performing various cosmetic and plastic surgeries that can be performed in the hospital: - Sculpting with advanced Airjet machine - Rhinoplasty - Lip, chin, cheek prosthesis surgeries - Abdominal cosmetic surgery (abdominoplasty)
Available Services
Service Name: Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy is the scientific name for carbon dioxide (CO2) gas and is injected under the skin during carboxytherapy. The body views this as a lack of oxygen and increases blood flow to the area. This increase in blood circulation leads to nutrients reaching the area and cellular repair. Carboxytherapy can be used for a variety of cases, most notably the treatment of striae and skin lines, the treatment of pregnancy-induced and weight loss lines, the treatment of darkening of the eyes and the treatment of cellulite.

Service Name: Face Lift

Skin pulling along with yarn insertion is a non-surgical, safe and non-invasive procedure that delivers smooth, natural and beautiful skin. This method uses special yarns that are sterile and can absorb into the skin. These yarns are not visible under the skin. Once the yarns are in place, the natural process of skin collagen and cellularization is activated by the absorption of yarn into the body.

Service Name: Rejuvenation with RF

Rejuvenation and facial skin elongation with FRF is one of the new treatments in which radiofrequency waves are used to rejuvenate the skin in the epidermis and the middle layer of the dermis. As its name implies, this method does not use light waves (laser skin rejuvenation), but uses fractional RF waves generated by a noninvasive radiofrequency dipole device. These waves target the outer and middle layers of the skin and stimulate the skin to initiate natural processes of skin regeneration, resulting in a new layer on the skin, increasing the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin and eventually giving the person a younger, lively appearance.

Service Name: Localized Slimming

The use of topical slimming techniques with the help of ultra-advanced devices is suitable for those who suffer from local obesity problems such as fat accumulation in the flanks, thighs or abdomen. Gherbad Clinic's topical slimming machines are among the most advanced in the world and all have US Food and Drug Administration approval.

Service Name: Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgery to fix deformities of the nose. This surgery can make the nose shorter or longer, can change the shape of the nose, and ultimately it is the surgery to eliminate the defects in the nose. The surgery can be performed using general anesthesia or local anesthesia, and the patient usually needs to stay in the hospital overnight after surgery. Surgeons who perform this procedure usually specialize in plastic surgery or ear and nose surgery.

Service Name: Brachioplasty

Arm lift surgery, commonly known as Brachioplasty, is one of the cosmetic surgeries to relieve the lower limbs. During this operation, extra fat and skin are removed at the bottom of the arm and then the surgical site will be closed. The decline in this area is usually due to age or weight loss.

Service Name: Abdominoplasty

Surgery to remove excess skin and abdominal fat is called abdominoplasty, in which the excess skin and fat are removed below the navel and the abdominal wall muscles are tightened. This improves the appearance of the abdomen. The best candidates for this procedure are men and women who are almost normal in appearance and body shape, but suffer from a large amount of fat deposits or loose skin in the abdomen that does not respond to exercise and diet.

Service Name: Body Sculpture

LipoSculpture is one of the great achievements of medical science in recent years which has given the beautiful gift of great body shape to a large number of people. FDA-approved body-jet device is a simple and reliable way of performing low-pressure, water-based sculpting, unlike previous liposuction techniques. Fat removal from body tissues will be done slowly using waterjets.

Service Name: Eyebrow Transplantation

Brow hair loss can have many different causes. Eyebrow implantation takes about 2 hours and is very similar in technique to hair transplantation.

Service Name: Hair Transplantation

Goharbod Clinic has been serving esteemed clients for many years with the most experienced hair transplant team under the supervision of dermatologists and hairdressers using the latest technology in the world. Services offered include natural hair transplantation for men and women on the head, eyebrow and beard and mustache. Having healthy hair is a sign of youthfulness and vitality, and is undeniably important in building confidence and creating effective social relationships. On the other hand, hair loss in many people causes stress and lack of self-esteem. Therefore, today the issue of hair restoration has a special place in modern medicine and the invention of new therapies have produced much more pleasant results than in the past.

Service Name: Beauty & Rejuvenation of the Skin

One of the new and appropriate treatment methods to reduce pores is the use of spectra Mood peeling from Q-switch lasers, in which carbon (which is a photo-enhancer) is first rubbed on the patient's skin.

Service Name: Laser Hair Removal

The Alexandrite laser is a family of red light lasers that use Alexandrite crystals as their source.

Leila Salehi General Practitioner

Dr. Leila Salehi (MD) is a general practitioner at Goharbod Clinic.

Elham Behnam Far Plastic Surgery

Dr. Elham Behnam Far (MD) is a general practitioner at Goharbod Clinic.

Negin Nabavi General Practitioner

Dr. Negin Nabavi (MD) is a general practitioner at Goharbod Clinic.

Dr. Hosseini is a dermatologist at Goharbad Clinic

Elham Mohajer General Practitioner

Dr. Elham Mohajer (MD) is a general practitioner at Goharbod Clinic.

Gherbad Beauty Clinic will serve our clients every day except Saturdays.

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Goharbod Clinic
Goharbod Clinic Oct 28, 2020

با کلینیک زیبایی گهربد، تناسب اندام دیگر یک رویا نیست. رسیدن به تناسب اندام با لاغری موضعی با دستگاه تری مکس، در کلینیک زیبایی گهربد.

Goharbod Clinic
Goharbod Clinic Oct 28, 2020

رضایت مندی شما عزیزان از کاشت موی طبیعی در کلینیک گهربد کلینیک پوست و مو گهربد با کاشت موی طبیعی، اعتماد به نفس و زیبایی را برای شما به ارمغان می‌آورد.

Goharbod Clinic
Goharbod Clinic Oct 28, 2020
Goharbod Clinic
Goharbod Clinic

با پاکسازی و جوان سازی پوست خود، طراوات و شادابی را به چهره ی خود بازگردانید. کلینیک زیبایی گهربد با بیش از 10 سال سابقه ی درخشان، جوانی را به پوست شما هدیه می‌دهد.

Goharbod Clinic
Goharbod Clinic Sep 15, 2020
Goharbod Clinic

کاشت مو ، تغییری برای تمام زندگی کلینیک تخصصی پوست و مو گهربد با بیش از ده سال سابقه فعالیت مستمر قدردان اعتمادتان هستیم 🌹

Goharbod Clinic
Goharbod Clinic Aug 26, 2020

گفتگوی کوتاهی با خانم دکتر صالحی در خصوص نحوه انجام تزریق چربی و کاربردهای این روش.

Goharbod Clinic
Goharbod Clinic Jul 10, 2020
Goharbod Clinic

انجام کلیه امور زیبایی در مشهد با بهترین کیفیت

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