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The cost of fat injection for skin rejuvenation is determined by the doctor's rate, the area being treated, examination sessions, and the cost of medications, and so on.
This is a very common question. This skin rejuvenation method has no side effects and the only side effect is swelling and bruising, which is normal and will be gone in a few days and there is no need to worry.
Unlike other fillers, fat injection has a permanent effect. After the fat is injected into the desired area, fat cells will receive the blood supply needed for survival like any other cell in the body.
Beauty Clinic

Rahya Beauty Clinic

Unit 104, #142 Fereshte St, Tehran, Iran Show On Map
Rahya Beauty Clinic, using modern science and the most advanced medical equipment approved by AMWC Europe and the United States, is at your service with free consultation. Rah Ya Beauty Clinic, with a large and well-equipped branch in Tehran strives to provide world class health and beauty services to our compatriots and respected guests from neighboring countries (Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, etc.)
Service Description Rahya Clinic is proud to always be a leader in importing the latest and most up-to-date devices in the world in the field of slimming, rejuvenation and laser in Iran, and you can always find the newest, most effective and most reliable methods in Rahya Clinic. Mondays are special discount days!
Available Services
Service Name: BOTOX Injection

Botox injections are one of the most common and safe methods for removing wrinkles and facial lines. Botox can be used to eliminate wrinkles, eyelid sagging, wrinkles around the eyes, removing smile line or horizontal and vertical wrinkles on the neck, lifting eyebrows and lips, gum showing when smiling and laughing, raising the tip of the nose, and so on.

Prices Starting from 1,000,000 Toman More Details
Profilo Gel (very strong moisturizer for skin rejuvenation) 10% Off
Service Name: Gel Injection

Having young and healthy skin is a sign of youth and one of the beauty secrets. People who suffer from aging skin and wrinkles on the face and under the eyes, are always looking for solutions to restore their skin youth. Profilo gel is one of the ways to eliminate these wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

Price 4,500,000 Toman 4,050,000 Toman More Details
Natural Hair Transplantation by FUT + FUE Combination Method 12% Off
Service Name: Hair Transplantation

"Rah Ya" beauty clinic has been serving its esteemed clients for many years by using the most experienced hair transplant team under the supervision of dermatologists and using the latest technology in the world. One of the services provided by this clinic is natural hair transplantation by FUT + FUE combination method. Having beautiful and healthy hair is a sign of youth and freshness and has an undeniable importance in building self-confidence and establishing effective social relationships. On the other hand, hair loss in many people causes stress, and lack of self-confidence. Therefore, today the category of hair restoration has found a special place in modern medicine and the invention of new treatment methods have led to much more pleasant results. Natural and growing hair transplantation surgery is performed without any complications or the need for anesthesia.

Prices Starting from 4,500,000 Toman 3,960,000 Toman More Details
Slimming with Cool Sculpting Machine 20% Off
Service Name: Body Contouring Machine

Having a fit and beautiful body is always a concern for many people. There are many slimming diets these days. But Cool Sculpting is the only non-surgical way to reduce body fat that has been approved by the US FDA. Using this device in Rahya beauty clinic, you can easily get rid of fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Price 4,500,000 Toman 3,600,000 Toman More Details
Skin Rejuvenation with Fractional RF Method 10% Off
Service Name: Rf-fractional

Skin rejuvenation is one of the concerns of people as they get older. Today, there are various ways to eliminate skin aging and restore skin freshness and health. One of these methods is rejuvenation and face-lift with fractional RF in which light waves penetrate into different layers of the skin and by increasing collagen production cause the skin to become clearer, narrowing open pores, tightening the skin and finally rejuvenating the skin. At RahYa beauty clinic, you can achieve the health and youth of your skin.

Price 1,000,000 Toman 900,000 Toman More Details
Face Lift with Thread 5% Off
Service Name: Face Lift

One of the most widely used methods in beauty is face lift with Kag thread. Because the lift with these threads eliminates the need for surgery for the lift and you can enjoy the beauty you want without any risk. This type of lift uses threads that are sterile and can also be absorbed into the skin. This method is one of the fastest beauty methods because it takes less than an hour to achieve the desired beauty and is considered as an outpatient beauty procedure.

Price 4,500,000 Toman 4,275,000 Toman More Details
Microneedling (Skin Rejuvenation) 5% Off
Service Name: Microneedling

Having a young face and fresh skin is always one of the reasons for beauty and attractiveness in people. Different skincare and skin treatments help people maintain their skin freshness. One of the methods of rejuvenating and increasing collagen production of the skin is the microneedling method. Microneedling is used to treat wrinkles, heal skin scars from wounds and injuries, treat laugh lines, and more. For microneedling, you can benefit from the services of the best dermatologists and hair therapists and the latest treatment methods by visiting Rahya beauty clinic.

Prices Starting from 800,000 Toman 760,000 Toman More Details
Facial Angulation with Fat Injection 10% Off
Service Name: Fat Injection

Fat injection as one of the beauty methods that has many applications such as lip or breast augmentation or removing the bags under the eyes. One of the important applications of fat injection is in face angulation. In this method, we use the injection of fat in the required areas of the face to angle the jaw and face. Rahya beauty clinic, with its experienced personnel and beauty specialists, helps you in the field of fat injection and beautification of your face.

Price 3,500,000 Toman 3,150,000 Toman More Details
Injection of Fat on to Chest, Buttocks, Back of the hands and Face 5% Off
Service Name: Fat Injection

One of the important applications of fat injection is to increase the volume of the breasts and buttocks. This method uses fat injection in the required areas to make the body beautiful and in good shape. Get closer to the beauty of your body with Rahya beauty clinic and benefiting from the most experienced staff and beauty specialists.

Price 8,000,000 Toman 7,600,000 Toman More Details
Service Name: Face Lift

Drooping eyebrows are caused by aging and decreased skin elasticity. There are several methods to remove drooping eyebrows, including cosmetic surgery. RahYa Beauty Clinic has the best cosmetic specialists for eyebrow lift surgery.

Prices Starting from 5,000,000 Toman More Details
Gel Injection 10% Off
Service Name: Gel Injection

One of the most popular and quick ways to treat facial wrinkles is to inject gels. From gel injection in cases such as preventing the progression and increase of wrinkles due to reduced skin elasticity, eliminating the frown line, eliminating wrinkles in the neck, chin and around the lips, lifting the corners of drooping lips and improving the shape of the face and eyebrows. For gel injection, you can benefit from the best dermatologists and hair and the best gel injection services by visiting "Rah Ya" beauty clinic.

Prices Starting from 2,700,000 Toman 2,430,000 Toman More Details
Facial Angulation with Filler (thread, gel and fat) 10% Off
Service Name: Face Angulation

Face angulation is one of the ways to enhance beauty. Facial angulation is done in three ways: yarn, gel and fat. "Rah Ya" beauty clinic, with the benefit of the most experienced staff and beauty specialists, helps you to have a beautiful and attractive face shape.

Prices Starting from 3,500,000 Toman 3,150,000 Toman More Details
Plastic Surgery

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Rahya Beauty Clinic
Rahya Beauty Clinic Nov 09, 2020
Rahya Beauty Clinic
Rahya Beauty Clinic

بوتاکس، راز جوانی و شادابی پوست شما! تزریق بوتاکس، روشی بسیار ایمن و کم خطر است که برای رفع چین و چروک های صورت، افتادگی پلک، گودی زیر چشم، خط لبخند و ... انجام می شود. با بوتاکس می توانید به رفع ایرادات چهره و پوست خود بپردازید و از زیبایی و فرم ایده آل چهره ی خود لذت ببرید. با آرتور 24 از بهترین خدمات بوتاکس در تهران با نازل ترین قیمت، همراه با مشاوره رایگان بهره مند شوید. آرتور۲۴، اولین سامانه ارائه خدمات گردشگری، سلامت و زیبایی در کشور.

Rahya Beauty Clinic
Rahya Beauty Clinic Nov 09, 2020

کاشت موی طبیعی و قابل رشد و دو شب اقامت در هتل در تهران. مشاوره آنلاین رایگان به همراه آزمایشها در کلینیک ره یا.

Rahya Beauty Clinic
Rahya Beauty Clinic Nov 09, 2020

کاشت ابرو افتادگی ابرو بر اثر افزایش سن و کاهش خاصیت ارتجاعی پوست ایجاد می‌شود. برای رفع افتادگی ابرو می توان از روش های مختلفی از جمله رفع افتادگی ابرو به وسیله ی جراحی زیبایی پرداخت. کلینیک زیبایی "ره یا"، از بهترین متخصصان زیبایی برای انجام جراحی لیفت ابرو برخوردار است.

Rahya Beauty Clinic
Rahya Beauty Clinic Oct 31, 2020

یکی از مهم ترین بخش های کلینیک های زیبایی، استفاده از خدمات مشاوره ی پیش از استفاده از خدمات زیبایی و پزشکی است. در کلینیک زیبایی ره یا می توانید از مشاوره ی بهترین متخصصان زیبایی و بررسی اثربخشی راهکارهای زیبایی بهره مند شوید.

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