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No, Shams laboratory provides the option of at-home sampling, so you wouldn't need to leave your house.

Shams Specialized Laboratory

Shafa Building, Mohtashami st #1, Ahamdabad Blvd, Mashhad, Iran Show On Map
Shams Specialized Laboratory is located in Mashhad. The laboratory's main area of focus is as follows: 1) Medical Diagnosis; 2) Pathology; 3) Cancer Molecular and Infectious Molecules; 4) Specialized infertility tests; The laboratory is supervised by a group of experts including Dr. Mehdi Fathi (pathologist), and Dr. Hossein Habibi (laboratory hematologist).
Service Description Our goal at Shams Specialty Lab is to provide the highest quality, the lowest cost and the fastest possible service. Our thinking is based on the principle that by relying on technical and scientific knowledge we can make a significant contribution to helping clinical colleagues diagnose diseases. Therefore, we have made every effort to provide an acceptable record of quality by providing timely and dedicated response in the field of medical diagnosis and specialized infertility tests.
Available Services
Service Name: Specialized Infertility Tests

Your doctor will need to have an examination and tests if you have an infertility problem to determine the cause and choose the appropriate treatment. Checking your test results can help your doctor choose the best treatment for your infertility.

Service Name: Specialty Tests and Pregnancy Screening

The first three months of screening tests usually take between 1 and 2 weeks. The first trimester of screening allows the mother to be aware of any potential problems as soon as possible. Screening tests only determine the risk of the fetus having a chromosomal or genetic disorder and by no means does it imply a definitive disorder.

Service Name: Molecular Tests

In real-time PCR, the most accurate and reliable results are obtained using a fluorescence probe. A wide range of hereditary diseases can also be found, including hereditary diseases (API-1, Factor V Liden, Factor II MTHFR), hereditary infertility diseases, (Androgen insenstivity, Congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Pseudohermaphroditism, etc.). Neuromuscular, hereditary patients examined immune deficiency, metabolic diseases, and cancers.

Service Name: Pathology and Cytology Tests

These tests are also important for: Treatment of the disease / Monitoring the progress of the disease / Preventing the disease (eg, Pap smears or mammograms may reduce the risk of some common cancers in women through early detection) / Determination Risk of disease (eg, cholesterol levels observed or risk of inherited diseases such as familial breast cancer)

Service Name: Immunology and Hormone Tests

Immunology and serology tests, diagnostic tests such as bacterial, viral, mycoplasma, parasitic, complement deficiency, monoclonal, polyclonal and immunoglobulin deficiency tests, as well as tests for autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis is performed by methods such as immunofluorescence.

Service Name: Microbiology Tests

Major tests performed in microbiology include: urine, throat, antibiotic samples such as sputum, Chlamydia-Mycoplasma antigen testing, fungal excretion, rotavirus stool antigen testing, diagnostic tests for hepatitis and other diseases, testing Antigen and microscopy of parasitic diseases such as Amoeba and Giardia

Service Name: Radiology Laboratory

The simplest and most important test in this section is blood cell count and morphology study of blood cells to detect different types of anemia, malignancies, and so on. In this section hemophilia and thalassemia can be diagnosed. The most important of these can be platelet count, examination of their shape and size, which can be helpful in the diagnosis of hemophilia or platelet disorders.

Service Name: Biochemical Tests

Routine biochemical tests performed in the biochemical laboratory include tests such as BUN, creatinine, creatinine clearance, AST, ALT, and others. Electrolytes named calcium, phosphorus, iron, iron binding capacity, ferritin, vitamin B12, folic acid, blood gases, heart tests, CK-MB mass, troponin T and troponin I, dimer. Complete urine testing, a 2-hour urine test, and protein testing are also performed

Service Name: Specialized Infertility Tests

Service Name: Prenatal tests

Service Name: Laboratory Tests

Service Name: Laboratory Tests

Shams Specialty Laboratory is in the service of our clients every day except holidays.

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Shams Specialized Laboratory
Shams Specialized Laboratory Oct 18, 2020

تست غربالگری و بررسی آنتی بادی های اختصاصی ویروس کرونا و تشخیص های اولیه و ارزیابی میزان ایمنی افراد در برابر ویروس کرونا در آزمایشگاه شمس انجام می گیرد. آزمایشگاه تخصصی شمس جهت انجام نمونه گیری در محل کار و منزل آمادگی خود را اعلام میکند.

Shams Specialized Laboratory
Shams Specialized Laboratory Jan 06, 2020
Shams Specialized Laboratory

پیشگیری بهتر از درمان است با قرار دادن برنامه منظم چکاب سلامتی از ابتلا به بیماری ها جلوگیری نماییم.

Shams Specialized Laboratory
Shams Specialized Laboratory Jan 06, 2020
Shams Specialized Laboratory

چکاپ قبل بارداری (Protect before pregnancy) با جمع‌آوری تاریخچه پزشکی فرد و تعدادی آزمایش پیش از بارداری شروع می‌شود

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