Today, learning science is not limited to geographical borders, and those interested in continuing their education with various motives seek admission from prestigious universities around the world. Obtaining a valid degree to achieve better job opportunities, studying in peace and security, higher quality of education, and affordable tuition fees are among the most important motivations for choosing a university in other countries. Iranian universities in Asia and among Islamic countries and even globally in some fields of science are ranked very high.

Recently, the high quality of education and world class faculty members, as well as high standard on-campus recreational facilities of Iranian universities have attracted thousands of foreign students.

In 2020, some Iranian universities in the ranking system of the world's top universities, namely Shanghai and the Times, gained acceptable rankings and were among the top 500 universities in the world.

Why choose Iran to study?

For regional applicants, cultural and religious similarities between Iran and neighboring Muslim countries are a tremendous advantage. High academic level of Iranian universities, cost effectiveness, diverse list of majors offered, and simple admission process have turned Iran into one of the most popular destinations for students to pursue higher education. If you are looking for a valuable and different life experience, and want to get acquainted with a genuine and lovable culture, Iran can be the best destination for you to study in your desired field of science.

Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

It is the dream of many people to study medicine and other paramedical fields. A dream that many people will spare no effort to achieve, and therefore studying in the desired field can become their sweetest experience. Mashhad University of Medical Sciences is a familiar name for those interested in studying medicine and paramedical disciplines in the region and the world; A university with a beautiful campus and world-class educational quality. Mashhad University of Medical Sciences is ranked 83 globally according to the prestigious ranking of the Golden Age of Times. The university is also ranked as one of the top universities in the country. The good news is that Mashhad University of Medical Sciences is accepting non-Iranian eligible students.

Major School Level

Tuition fees in Iran

Studying in Iran is one of the best and most economically feasible choices for many reasons. The low cost of tuition and living expenses in the country are just another reason to choose Iran for academic education. Today, studying in Iranian universities is much less expensive than most universities around the world. Studying in Iranian universities means studying in universities with high academic level at very low cost.

Fee (Per Year) Duration Level

General requirements for admission

Admission conditions in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences are very easy for foreign applicants and it is possible to study in different levels, including associate, bachelor, graduate level, medicine, and pharmacy to name a few. Just send your latest degree with a GPA above 2.0 (out of 4) or 12 (out of 20) for paramedicine or bachelor and above 2.5 (out of 4) or 14 (out of 20) for master, doctorate, or medical school to RTour24 so that our advisors can guide you through other steps. With RTour24, simply make studying in the field of your dreams a reality.


Duration of study in Iranian universities

The duration of study in Iranian universities depends on the field of study.

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During the study, all the welfare needs of the student are provided by the university.


Dormitories are available for two to three people and, if desired, single rooms. Study halls, sports clubs, swimming pools, up-to-date libraries for the scientific resources needed by students and clinics within the university are among the amenities of Iranian universities. Upon admission to the university, the student will be insured to study without any concerns of medical costs.

Persian Language

One of the requirements for studying in some Iranian universities is fluency in Persian; but do not worry! Persian language is taught intensively to students who do not speak Persian fluently in the first semester of the university and for a specified period of time. Some degrees are also offered in English.

Admission Process

The process of preparing the required documents, scanning, sending the documents to the desired university, interviewing and acceptance for student visa, takes about three months. At RTour24, we are by your side to complete the steps from completing your application to admission to your desired university in Iran.

Time to send documents

Admissions are granted twice a year before the beginning of the semesters. Applicants are advised to send their documents to the email address of the relevant university no later than the first half of June or the first half of November. This time may be different for some universities and should be submitted according to the start of the university semester.


Definitely, the decision to continue studying abroad will be one of the most important decisions in your life, and will require careful advice both in choosing the field and in the admission process. Choosing a university among a large number of universities, choosing the desired field of study, how to get a student visa and residency, etc. are issues that cannot be done alone and need advice and support. At RTour24, we are with you to explain the general and technical prerequisites of studying in Iran.


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