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Hotels and Lodging in Iran

The first established state in the world is known to be Persia (called Iran since 1935). Thus, it is easy to imagine that accommodating foreigners has been a concern for Iran for over 2500 years. Lodging in historic caravanserai was replaced with modern hotels in early 20th century. Grand Hotel in Tehran (operated until 1950’s) was the first modern hotel in Iran. This is while the Abbasi Caravanserai/Hotel (one of the most precious gems in the hoteling industry of the world) located in Isfahan has been operating for over 300 years. These days, all types of hotels, motels, Inns, and hostels can be found around the country. To select from over 1200 hotels and lodging areas in Iran, please check out our hotel section at Interestingly enough, there has been a paradigm shift in the past decade in terms of lodging choices. With the introduction of Eco-Lodges (traditional eco-friendly stay) in Iran, domestic and international tourists have demonstrated a higher tendency to choose these less luxury and more “green” places to stay. This unique experience allows travelers to get distant from urban living environments and enjoy the surrounding while conserving the nature (whether forest, desert, mountain or beach side). While searching the hotels in every city on our website, just tick the eco-lodge box on the filter provided on the left hand side to see your options for an adventure like never before. As usual, if you have any questions or need help booking your hotel in Iran, contact us via email or our customer service hotline.


Generally speaking, most 5 and 4-star hotels in Iran have free transfers to and from the airports and the railway stations. Other hotels also offer these services for a small fee. The best way to ensure is to send a request from the “general inquiry” tab of the hotel profile on RTour24 website or to call the hotel number registered in your voucher.
Standard check-in time is 14:00 and check-out time is 12:00 every day. This is true for most hotels, but there are hotels or Eco-lodges that offer different hours that you must pay attention to. RTour24 will provide you with all this information in your voucher.
In the case of late check-out there may be a so-called "half-charge late departure" charged by the hotel. Some hotels will not charge this fee if the late check-out is coordinated ahead of time. So be sure to check with the reception before deciding to do so. As for early check-in, you should check with the reception as soon as possible to avoid "half-charge early arrival", usually if they have an empty room, they will allow you to enter early and charge a fee or free of charge depending on the time of arrival. It should be noted that most of the time, the cost of half-charge is equal to half of the cost of a full night.
These information will be passed on to you by the reception upon check-in. These rules include restaurant opening hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner, housekeeping, guest requests for special services, and more.
Hotel rules can be seen on RTour24 website before booking is finalized. Rules usually include the rate for children, the relationship status of the companions (couples without marriage license may not be allowed in some hotels), check in and check out schedule, cancellation policy, etc. These rules are generally standard, but may be slightly vary for different hotels. RTour24 definitely recommends that dear travelers read these rules when booking a room.
In offline booking, the guest waits for the operator's approval after submitting the reservation. The operator must coordinate with the hotel and then confirm the booking. In the next step, the guest is directed to the payment gateway. The whole process takes a few minutes (less than 15 minutes), until the voucher is issued. But online booking is a completely automated and instantaneous process. At RTour24, guests can instantly book hotels that are marked "100% online". Upon submission of the reservation info, the capacity of the hotel is checked systematically the reservation gets confirmed in a few seconds. The voucher will be issued immediately after confirming payment. The online and offline status of the rooms are determined by the hotels and RTour24 only displays the latest status.
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