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5,800,000 Toman

Price 5,220,000 Toman
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/Uploads/medicalOptionsIcons/1c10850f35b04be5a7e779574e7f2171.png Hotel

All packages include minimum of one night and up to maximum of 10 nights of hotels for 2 persons. Only four and five star hotels are offered in our packages. In case you do not require hotels, you can request to have lodging be removed from your package.

/Uploads/medicalOptionsIcons/d99e2547d85c44349d37b11dcf5c4cf4.png Visa

Medical visa to enter Iran (for those required) is only issued by the ministry of foreign affairs. RTour24 will only play the role of facilitator for acquiring a medical visa and will not guarantee its approval.

/Uploads/medicalOptionsIcons/eb7dbd96edb9424992e5bf5fa041e121.png Medical Procedures

The most important part of the packages is the quality of health/beauty services received. RTour24 will be by your side from consultation to the operation and even follow ups.

/Uploads/medicalOptionsIcons/872d2c32e0e2433fa27845990c9150ce.png Free Online Consultation

Online medical consultation will be provided for free by medical experts of the desired clinic.

/Uploads/medicalOptionsIcons/a1b04b39cc024f758fd4a25673694cd3.png Commute

Airport shuttle to your hotel will be available upon arrival for free. For your inner-city transportation, other arrangements will be made upon request.

/Uploads/medicalOptionsIcons/b16c043235614965a97e7efbc14242f1.png VIP Services

Amenities such as private rooms for cases that require hospitalization and other VIP services may be available upon request.

/Uploads/medicalOptionsIcons/1a83e7a3686a4d0cabee421146e48f06.png Sim Cards and Internet

Local sim card with internet will be provided upon request.

/Uploads/medicalOptionsIcons/35618ca34a1543b48ecfbf83730ea278.png City Tours

One day city tours may be available in some packages for you to enjoy your time in Iran.

/Uploads/medicalOptionsIcons/f94201a88b2d45f4b33706656dbdb1cc.png 24 Hour Customer Service

Representatives of RTour24 will be available 24/7 to address any inquiries you may have.

/Uploads/medicalOptionsIcons/df6e8af7aad94fe4a29686abec9fe52c.png Trip Planning

If you are planning to do sight seeing while visiting Iran, our team would be more than happy to assist and make arrangements for you.

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PRK Surgery
5,220,000 Toman
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Post-Surgery Appointment
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Feel free to message this service provider with any inquiries. Request for a free online consultation or ask about any details of the package.

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