Today with RTour24 we are covering an interesting topic about cosmetic health.
Surely you have heard about Carboxytherapy. This method may even be one of your choices to be more beautiful, but more than anything else, wisdom dictates that we get accurate information and then act. Carboxytherapy is one of the new methods in the field of beauty and health, but it has an old history.
Join us to get acquainted with this method and its origin, as well as its benefits and side effects.
In 1930, something happened in France that made people hope for easy skin rejuvenation and faster healing of scars. The French realized that water with a high percentage of carbon dioxide causes wounds and skin injuries heal quickly, and swimming and bathing in this water were recommended for injured people.
But that did not end there, and in 1932 doctors discovered that carbon dioxide was another solution, and heart surgeons used it to treat vascular disease caused by the accumulation of fat in the arteries, but in what way? 
Carboxytherapy is basically a method that increases oxygen in those areas by injecting carbon dioxide gas under the skin, and this increase in oxygen improves skin damage.
Today, this method is much more advanced than before and is also approved by the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration, and its 100% effect on the skin have been proven. Since 1995, it has found its place among beauty and skin rejuvenation methods. It has a lot of fans due to its many advantages and low side effects.
Carboxytherapy was mostly used to eliminate localized fats as well as skin rejuvenation, and today it is also used for many other purposes such as:
Improving blood circulation, eliminating wrinkles, increasing skin collagen, localized fat reduction, liposuction treatment supplement to smooth skin roughness, vascular diseases related to diabetes and faster healing of diabetic wounds, skin wounds, skin tears, removing pimples and sagging skin, to name a few. 
But it's time to look at the benefits and side effects of carboxytherapy:
Cropoxytherapy, which is the operation of injecting carbon dioxide gas under the skin, is completely harmless because carbon dioxide is a gas that is naturally present in the body, but after the injection of carboxy or carbon dioxide, our body lacks oxygen causing more blood flow into the injected area, hence resulting in an increase of nutrients in the desired area. As a result, the skin improves and cell repair occurs. This method is used for different areas of the body, including eyelids, the face, neck, buttocks, back of the arms, and legs in which carboxytherapy works well. And the good news is that apart from the above, carboxytherapy can also be used to eliminate dark circles around the eyes.
But it is still not over and the benefits of this simple and painless method are much more than all that has been said in the field of health and beauty. This method is also used to reduce hair loss, but if we want to leave the field of beauty, the importance of this treatment in diseases such as psoriasis, ischemia of the lower extremities, erectile diseases, small vascular problems, and even reducing pain and muscle spasm in sports medicine can be mentioned.
Fortunately, I have to say that carboxytherapy has no side effects, and if it has a limited side effect, it is only limited to a few hours after the therapy, which varies from person to person. 
But what are these side effects?
There may be bruising and a burning sensation at the injection site after this procedure. Apart from these cases, no other side effects have been reported until one hour after carboxytherapy.
We should also know that carboxytherapy is an outpatient novel method and occurs with very fine and thin needles by injections taking 15 to 30 minutes. It should also be noted that there is no bleeding or pain. Of course, pain tolerance is a relative issue, but it is safe to say that in this method, even the weakest people feel very little pain.
There is also no need for post-injection care and you can do your daily chores right away. Of course, this point needs to be mentioned that people who use this method to reduce fat or cellulite should refrain from contact with water for swimming or bathing for 24 hours. As simple as this method is, the best results are only expected under the supervision of a reliable expert. Any mistake can cause damage to the skin. Therefore, RTour24 is by your side with free consultations and the introduction of the best medical clinics so that you can have the best options and enjoy the results.