Our skin has always had a great impact on our beauty. We do our best to have smooth and young skin. We also use different methods, sometimes natural methods and herbal masks, but from a certain age onward, the effect of these methods become less.

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This method, which has many fans today and is used for people over the age of 20, is called mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy involves injecting medications, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids directly into the middle layer of the skin. This action causes better nutrition and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Natural skin flexibility is essential. Injections of these vitamins and drugs lead to elimination of wrinkles and you will return to your youth and you will have beautiful and fresh skin without wrinkles.

But mesotherapy is not only for getting rid of wrinkles. It is also an effective way to tighten loose skin on the neck, arms, abdomen and legs. Other advantages of mesotherapy include the fact that in addition to mesotherapy, you can do other cosmetic procedures such as gel injections and skin peels as well without any conflicts. Sometimes mesotherapy is even a complementary method to other skin rejuvenation methods.

The main advantage of mesotherapy is because harmless vitamins and minerals are injected and will be absorbed perfectly by your body. Its longevity is another advantage.

It is not a dream. With this method, beauty, radiance and transparency of the skin, facial slimming and pimples and acne removal are all guaranteed.

Usually done in a period of five or six sessions at intervals as recommended by your doctor, it is important to evaluate and carefully examine your skin by experienced doctors prior to the operation. It should be noted that Mesotherapy is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies, people consuming Rakuten or are under chemotherapy or radiation therapy, people with active eczema, and people with warts or fresh sores.

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Fortunately, mesotherapy does not require a recovery period. You may go to work and do your daily chores immediately.

As for side effects of mesotherapy, there are none, and if there is, it is very temporary.

A few hours after the treatment, there may be some swelling or bruising that will be gone shortly.

If you see any unprecedented side effects, be sure to contact your doctor.

After mesotherapy, be sure to do all the care that your doctor recommends and without consulting your doctor do not stop taking medications or start new ones. Avoid heavy makeup immediately to relax your skin for a while. Do not forget to use sunscreen.


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