The first step is to apply for a visa to enter Iran.
The Visa of the Islamic Republic of Iran is divided into several categories.
In this article, we elaborate about three types of visa (tourist, pilgrimage and medical) to enter the country. For those who intend to travel to Iran, there are three ways to apply.
The validity of different types of Iranian visas is (from the moment of issuance) is one month and can be extended up to three months depending on the circumstances but after three months you must apply for a visa again.

Citizens of some countries do not require visa to enter Iran; Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia and China.

As mentioned above, you can choose one of the following three ways to apply for a Iranian Tourism Visa:
1. Visit the Consulates of the Islamic Republic of Iran in different countries and submit your application.
2. Receive your visa application at Iran International Airports.
Note: Citizens of these nine countries cannot obtain tourist visas at Iran International Airport: US, UK, Canada, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Colombia and Jordan. Meanwhile, Iraqi citizens can only get visas from Mashhad International Airport.
1. Submit an online visa application through the Iranian Foreign Ministry website: (

The one thing you probably did not know is the tourist visa of the Free Trade Zone of Iran.

The rules for traveling to free zones are slightly different from other parts of Iran. Citizens of all countries with valid passports can obtain a 14-day visa at the port of entry (port and airport) of these areas to travel to the Free Trade Areas of Kish, Qeshm and Chabahar, Aras, Anzali, Arvand and Maku and if they wish to travel beyond these areas, they need to go to the Foreign Affairs Office in these areas and get a new visa. This law applies to all free trade zones in Iran.
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